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Steve Pham – Oakland, California

I woke up March 9 with a throbbing and sharp pain in the back of my head.  I reach back, felt my head, and discovered a little bump.  As the day progressed, the bump got bigger and redder.  The pain got worse.  By the end of the day it grew to the size of a strawberry.  It looked like a strawberry too.

The following day, I couldn’t move my head without pain.  The pain got so bad, the back of eyeballs hurt…

So I went down to the Student Health Services Clinic.  The doctor said I had an infection. Staph… Sounds cute… “Staph.”  She put me on antibiotics, told me to put hot compresses on it, and not to mess with until it ripened.  “Come back in two days, we’ll see if we can lance it.”  Nice…

So I came back in two days, she shaved all the hair around the area off (about the size of a .50 cent coin).  Then she cut it opened and all this sour milk-smelling stuff oozed out down the back of my head! The feeling of syrupy liquid running down the back of your head is like no other!  I asked her to show me the discharge.  Man, it looked sickening.  Lumpy, yellowy, cottage cheese- looking stuff! Embedded in the discharge was hair.  Plus a lot of blood.

She bandaged me up, then I went to class.  My classmate were looking at me really strangely… Who wouldn’t stare at a whole lot of bandages/gauge on the back of someone’s head right? Especially when it was soaked with blood and pus.

It’s human nature, I guess.  We all slow down to look at automobile accidents or houses burning. We rarely stop to stare at a nice sunset or flower gardens,right?  But, if there’s carnage and destruction, we must have front-row seats.

It’s March 17.  I no longer have bandages on the back of head.  But there’s a patch of missing hair.  And my classmates still stare! Tomorrow I’m wearing my A’s ball cap.

It’s spring training for baseball and all.  Go A’s!

Enjoy the the flower gardens and sunsets.

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